Unparalleled Quality

Since 1913

Beckner Feather Dusters are a humane organic product that is unparalleled by synthetic or less humane products. They come in several levels of quality and visual aesthetics. The Beckner Feather Duster pays for itself. Not only are these fine quality hand crafted dusters practical but they are also highly durable.

Our Dusters

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Our Family History

In the U.S. Since 1913

South African ostrich feather dusters were developed in Johannesburg in 1903 by Harry S. Beckner, a missionary and broom factory manager. He felt that ostrich feathers made a convenient tool for cleaning machines at the factory. His first ostrich feather dusters were wound on broom handles using the same foot-powered kick winders and wire used to attach broom straw.

First Ostrich Feather Duster Company

The first ostrich feather duster company in the United States was formed in 1913 by brothers Harry and George Beckner in Athol, Massachusetts and is now run by co-founder George’s grandson and great-grandson.

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